Aug 5, 2009

News: Fateh Conference Continues; World Reacts

Reactions to Fateh Conference

Around the world, analysts have begun to react to the Fateh conference being held in Bethlehem. The conference is the first one for Fateh in 20 years and includes 2,000 delegates.

Lamis Andoni, writing for Al Jazeera, calls Fateh the "mother of the post-Nakba liberation movement." Andoni summarizes the importance that Arafat played in the Palestinian liberation movement, saying that:
Arafat himself personified the soul of Fatah and in broader terms the spirit of the Palestinian struggle.
Now, in the post-Arafat era, Andoni notes difficulties that the party faces, which in part stem from the inclusion of Fateh in the Palestinian Authority and by working with Israeli security forces. Andoni sums up the congress with his opinion that:
The one-time backbone of the PLO and embodiment of Palestinian national rights has been reduced to a ruling party largely, but not solely, dependent on proving itself as a 'peace partner' in a process that has so far consolidated Israeli occupation and expansionism.
A second opinion piece has been written by Thomas Friedman, in his column in the New York Times. Friedman is currently in Ramallah, and he begins his piece by noting that the most recent Arab Human Development Report is even worse than the 2002 edition, though Arab governments refuse to acknolwedge their societies' lack of development. However, Friedman's central point is that Palestine can serve as a testing ground for new development strategies in the Arab world. Specifically, he contrasts what he calls "Fayyadism" with "Arafatism." Named after the Palestinian prime minister and former foreign minister, Fayyadism is:
based on the simple but all-too-rare notion that an Arab leader’s legitimacy should be based not on slogans or rejectionism or personality cults or security services, but on delivering transparent, accountable administration and services.
Friedman notes that the Palestinian economy has improved under Fayyad's leadership, in large part because of a new emphasis on finance, police and social services, which Fayyad believes will bring about the creation of a Palestinian state more quickly.

A final opinion piece on the conference can be found in the Khaleej Times. The editorial argues that Mahmoud Abbas "clearly has an opportunity to redefine his faction’s political agenda..." for the first time in many years. However, the author notes that until reconciliation occurs between Fateh and Hamas, no degree of intra-Fateh unity can possibly bring about true unity among the Palestinian people. Finally, writing on the debate about whether to revise Fateh's charter, the author says:
It is not as if there is any imperative to radically revise the party’s original charter. But to ensure that the Palestinians get what they so deserve – an independent homeland and a sovereign state – now is the time for Fatah to consolidate its political credentials and reaffirm the fact that the mandate of the people will not be allowed to fracture by any political prejudice or pettiness.

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