Apr 7, 2011

Twitter Timeline: Revealing Context in #Gaza

In what will likely be followed by more attacks on Gaza, a projectile fired from Gaza hit a bus inside Israel injuring those inside. Suddenly, news stories began to appear, the "twitterverse" began reflecting the news of the attack and Israeli officials already began to speak of punishing Gaza for the attack. The news media coverage of the event is typical: the timeline begins with an unprovoked attack on Israelis from Gaza, then Israel responds.

See it here in this AP story:
JERUSALEM — An anti-tank missile fired from the Gaza Strip struck a school bus in southern Israel Thursday, wounding two people, including one child critically, Israeli officials said.

Israeli tanks quickly retaliated by opening fire across the border, killing a 50-year-old man and wounding seven other people, Palestinian medics said.

The sudden outbreak of violence illustrated the fragile situation along the Israel-Gaza border, where small bouts of violence can quickly escalate into heavy-scale warfare.

Israel's defense minister, Ehud Barak, ordered the army to respond quickly and said he held the Hamas militant group, which rules Gaza, responsible for the violence. There was no claim of responsibility for the attack.

Another example is here, from Reuters:
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A mortar shell fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel Thursday hit a bus, seriously wounding a teenage boy and injuring several others, Israeli police said.

Israeli forces immediately struck back, shelling various locations across the Gaza Strip, killing a 50-year-old man and injuring at least six people, including a 4-year-old girl, Palestinian medics said

Note, both stories are bylined from Jerusalem, not Gaza. Perhaps that is one reason why there is no context in these stories. For more help on this, I turned to twitter. Below are tweets from some of our Gaza "tweeps" over the past 36 hours. How much of the information they are relaying do you think will make it into news coverage of these events? And, if this sparks a new Israeli war on Gaza, will anyone remember that the projectile that hit was preceded by attacks on Gaza? As I type this, many more tweets have been sent about F-16s, drones, Apache helicopters and tank shells targeting different parts of the Gaza Strip. They will likely continue to come in for some time. (Image right: The factory destroyed by Israeli planes in a strike on Gaza yesterday from Osama Matar's tweet below)

Here's a timeline the media reports didn't care to include:

Funny how attacks which are portrayed as unprovoked by the media no longer seem unprovoked when you go to the great lengths of simply asking what happened before them.

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J said...

You are using 2 days of info from Gaza for your argument? You are totally ignorant on the matter and ignorant people should not jump on sides. Let's start in the 8th century BCE with the "Taylor Prism". You can find a translation online. It is a description of a conquest of from a king of reigning in the city of Neneveh - against the Jews in Jerusalem. That will probably take you a few days, perhaps more. After that, we can go on from there. If you only want to base your argument on recent history of the ignorant, I suggest you go to Wikepedia and see that since 2000, 10,000 rockets have been fired into Israel aimed at Arab and Jewish civilians, rather than military targets. Look at news articles of weapons being stopped going into Gaza. Huge, huge shipments have been stopped and Egypt has helped stop them. You are obviously trying to suggest that Israel just wants to harm people for the fun of it. Try again, but first get educated on the matter. Yes, look at both sides, but don't hide what you don't agree with.

m101dream said...
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Lama said...

@ Yousef, thank you for the nice way of putting it. Yes, the media is always neglecting a lot of facts when it comes to the suffering on the Palestinian side. The real picture is never communicated through the American/Western media.

@ J, before talking about ignorance maybe you'd like to update your own understanding for history, facts, and real events escalation. I'm not gonna go into listing all the details of how the Israeli occupation first started, and how things have developed. But looking back at the casualties and upshots of Gaza's War which was carried on Gaza by Israel back in 2008-2009, and with a very decent IQ level & humanity you'll see how brutal and unrealistic it was. In fact the war resulted in the death of 1417 Palestinian (most of them are civilians and 400+ were children) and 13 Israelis (12 of them are soldiers & 1 civilian) & the demolition of 25,000+ Gazans' homes. And just for the record, 7 of the Israeli soldiers were killed by their Israeli colleagues "mistakenly". And you can refer to the same source you've mentioned in your comment to obtain the information: WIKIPEDIA.

I would also recommend you to read a book called "Witness in Palestine", which is written by a Jewish American lady (whom I have a great respect for) who decided to go into the occupied land to look for the facts on her own instead of being a follower and believe what the media wants you to believe. The author narrates her experience as an international activist in the occupied Territories in a very objective way. Remember, a JEW had written it.

Try to look for facts and be humane & objective "J"!

dicey lee said...
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dicey lee said...


You criticize Yousef for using "2day old" material, then you throw it all the way back to the 8th century BCE... WTF?

lionus said...

I think the worst part is that he skipped 1948, the worst year in the world.


Zafar Khan said...

You "do" know they get tired of "waiting" for rockets to be fired from Gaza. They know how to provoke an unprovoked attack.
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