Nov 16, 2012

The Devastating Face of Gaza Today 16 November 2012


On the morning of Wednesday 14 November 2012, Israel officially announced its decision to escalate its attacks on Gaza. Since Wednesday, the number of reported deaths and injuries have dramatically risen as the entire Gaza strip has been repeatedly bombed, leaving nowhere for civilians to feel safe. Here are photos from today’s Israeli airstrikes on Gaza [Viewer discretion is advised].

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Fires break out after a bomb attack on a Gazan Civil Administration Office

A man carries his daughter, running for their lives after the shelling of the Civil Administration Office in Tal El Hawa

Fires finish off the destruction of civil administration buildings caused by bombs

Firefighters in Tal El Hawa extinguish fires from the civil administrative office

Firefighters in Tal El Hawa continue to extinguish fires from the civil administrative office

Gaza firefighters put out fires after attacks on the Civil Administrative Office

An elderly man walks through destroyed Gaza streets holding a shell from his house

Three girls run home with no shoes on from the shelling of Tal El Hawa after hearing noise from rockets and bombs
Ten month old Haneen Tafish arrives at Gaza hospital in blood, after an Israeli airstrike attacked her home while she was sleeping in her crib

Ten month-old baby girl, Haneen Tafish, in a Gaza hospital

Father of baby Haneen Tafish, who was killed while sleeping in her crib, cries
Her father cries as he holds his dying ten month old baby, Haneen Tafish

The father takes ten month old daughter Haneen Tafish to be buried

Father of Haneen Tafish, who was killed while sleeping in her crib, holds his baby, in tears

Father takes his infant daughter to be buried

Mother of Haneen Tafish crying as she holds her child

Family of Haneen Tafish, who was killed during an attack while she was asleep in her crib, in despair over death of their baby

Mother holds her daughter, Haneen Tafish, who was killed in an attack

Woman relative of Haneen tears up once she sees the little girl dead at their Zaytoon home

Parents of the baby who was killed in the attack hold each other and cry

Relative of Haneen Tatfish cries in shock over Haneen’s death

The Tafish family Zaytoon home in Gaza was shelled as the 10 month old was in bed sleeping

PHOTO CREDITS: Mohamed Zaanoun

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We should boycott protest their products. Because their everyting (values, life, beliefs..) based on money. They should not kill innocents with our support.

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